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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 13, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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rain isn't going anywhere soon. it will continue through the week. wind and rain in the area that made driving deadly. head to the sierra where skiers are cheering except for those that didn't make it. tonight at 8:00, windy and wet weather in the bay area. we have a live picture to show you out at the golden gate bridge. the pavement is wet. traffic is moving now nonetheless reason to be extra
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cautious. we start the coverage with what to expect next. >> the rain continues at this hour. you're definitely going to want to give yourself extra time the next few days as you head out. it's going to continue throughout the week. let's take this storm tracker on the radar. plenty of rain still going. we're seeing a pocket of heavy rain in the north bay. mills valley seeing 2/10 of an inch. let's move north, nevada, light rain. it's letting up in spots. hayward, descent amount of rainfall, free mont more moderate rainfall, third of an inch. south bay, we remain relatively dry through day today. about a third of an inch now. west of that down in san jose. wider view picture of what's
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going on. a steady stream of moisture in the bay area, also heading up to the tahoe regions. toward the end of this loop, even more rain is heading towards the coastline now. we have plenty of moisture, moving in through the overnight hours. look at our weather headlines. rain is going to continue through the overnight hours. showers taper off tomorrow afternoon. another storm is on tap thursday that will affect your commutes. i'll have details coming up. the wet weather has been making for a slow and dangerous commute. the slick streets have resulted in crashes around the bay today along with near misses. look at the video you can see. many managed to escape injuries. in other incidents, the action turned deadly. we show you how dangerous the weather can be with jr. >> reporter: right now it's wet, cold outside and windy.
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traffic is moving pretty well. you can see highway 24 in the distance, things going well. don't let that fool you. earlier today and even into the nighttime hours, a number of wrecks, one fatal. i talked to a number ofens withs that were out there at that fatal wreck. this is what they had to say. >> people assume its summertime all year around. there are accidents accidents and spills for instance like this. it turns bad for everybody. >> the van was on its side. they were rocking it to the roof then discovered the man underneath. i don't think they knew where he was. >> the driver side rear was munched. >> the son got here and kept asking where was he, where was he. we assumed it was dad. then mom told him dad didn't make it. he collapsed to the ground crying, shaking, couldn't
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stand. i got emotional just watching it. >> they were pretty broken up about it. >> reporter: a very sad story. as you look at traffic in the distance, keep in mind the victim, joseph con way, 45 years on the line. he was identified in the last up cannable of hours. if you are out and about this evening, if you are traveling somewhere this evening, keep in mind it's a wet drive. it is a very windy drive. wind gusts where i'm standing up to around 15 miles per hour. one of those nights where you might just want to stay home. reporting live in berkeley, kron 4 news. another serious crash today, one 06 -- one of many. a big rig jackknifed bringing traffic to a standpoint at one point. a possible hit and run could be to blame here. the driver of the suv told police he lost control and
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crashed into the retaining wall. >> he applied brakes and jackknifed the truck. it was a noncontact hit and run. we had no witnesses to confirm the story. the surfaces are wet. people need to be cautious with the wet weather conditions. >> the truck driver was not injured. one lane remained closed several hours while workers cleaned the diesel fuel spill and repaired the retaining wall. strong winds and heavy rain pummeled most of the north bay. the wind was strong near the summit. today charles drove to the top to check out conditions. >> reporter: it's been a very cold, wet, rainy day here on mount timmel. the wind is blowing rain across the ridge line of the mountain. as we head to the evening hours, the rain and wind has picked up quite a bit here in
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the last half hour. it's also been a very quiet day up here. usually there's at least a few people here to check out the view. today i saw one guy on a bike and a bus load of senior citizens that came to the top. >> high winds and heavy rain have hit the higher elevations especially hard. it was also a similar story in the santa cruz mountains. surprisingly some residents say it's about time for wet weather there. >> reporter: here in the santa cruz mountains, winter has returned with a vengeance. as much as an inch and a half of rain fell by noon tuesday. they're expecting 3-4 inches by later tonight. this area is known for as much as 50 inches of annual rainfall. so far, rain has been absence. a series of storms is about to change that. the river has been very low up until now. that is also a primary source of drinking water for the city
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of santa cruz. time will tell on the water restrictions. plenty of runoff associated with this storm. a lot of this, so far minor street flooding with clogged storm drains. as always, emergency crews are standing by for downed trees and power lines that often follow the rain and wind. in the santa cruz mountains, kron 4 news. >> it's not the rain but the snow causing nearly impossible travel conditions in the sierra tonight. here's a live picture interstate 80. just a few brave drivers making their way across the high country tonight. chains are a must in many areas. jeff bush gives us an up close look at rough conditions. >> reporter: crews are hard at work trying to keep the roadways clear on interstate 80. that's not an easy thing to do when snow is coming down this
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hard. tow truck drivers were busy all afternoon hauling wrecked cars off the mountains, busy day for them. busy day for chp as well. this three car crash was near the road. you can see the cars crashed into each of on the way up the hill. no one was hurt. the day was ruined for all three drivers that found themselves a long way from civilization. chains were required. some people didn't think of that. phil was on his way from reno and forgot to bring his chains. he got stuck in the snow before the chain check point. >> i drove up here's about -- here, about to turn around. i got stuck. i didn't have chains. i'm headed back home if i can. i've got to get chains. i was heading towards reno. as soon as i can get chains, i'm going the other way. >> reporter: steady snowfall all afternoon which made the
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visibility bad for drivers trying to make it over the mountain during this heavy snowstorm. >> kron 4 viewers have been flooding our newsroom of pictures showing the stormy weather in their neighborhoods today. kimberly takes a look for us. >> we're going to start off with a picture out of liver more. no particular rain falling at this moment. these clouds are lingering in the background. let's take the next picture. it's at oakland, jack land and square. the ground and cars completely wet outside. let's take the last picture. it's a parking lot, west lake shopping center. the cars and ground completely damp. the sky is really green. no breaks of sunshine in the bay area. we're taking your pictures on the website. we have information on how you can send us your photos, via email. also check out a slide show
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featuring other pictures sent in by viewers. we post updated video forecasts throughout the day. for long term forecast right now, check out our seven day around the bay and live doppler radar on kron still ahead at 8:00, kron 4 is tracking the storm. in san francisco, people are walking around with their rain hoods up and/or umbrellas out as the first of a series of storms hits the city. >> here in the north bay, it was get windy all day long. it was treacherous to try and get around on the roads. that story is ahead. >> decision 2012, two pivotal votes in the deep south and another in hay him. we're keeping you updated. >> school cuts, two bay area districts facing layoffs. we take you to where parents and teachers say enough is enough. >> plus a baby sitter accused of molesting five children. the man is now behind bars,
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it's been dreary all day long. wet weather continues with showers throughout the area. we've seen significant rainfall throughout the area. over 4 inches of rain in 24 hours, 2-inches in santa rosa, 1 1/2 in richmond. it drops off further south you go. san francisco third of an inch, san jose .001. it's going to keep going in the overnight hours. this evening, it will keep going with pockets of more modern rainfall in the 1:00 hour. mostly showery to tomorrow
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morning. as you head out tomorrow morning, the rain will be fairly widespread. only a couple of areas of moderate rainfall. the roadways will be wet. into the 10:00 hour, showers become more scattered and isolated by the 4:00 hour tomorrow afternoon. as for rainfall totals, adding to it overnight. showery conditions as i mentioned. rainfall totals not excessive. 9:00 hour, adding half an inch to an inch depending on where you are. it's going to come down slower than what we saw today. it's certainly going to add up. a look at your extended forecast. lull into thursday, second system picking up thursday afternoon into friday. another wave into saturday. the rain kind of nonstop through the workweek. keep the umbrella handy. decision 2012, another tuesday, another big day for
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republican presidential candidates. grant has been tracking the polling numbers all night. he's here now with the latest. >> pam, it is a deep south sweep for rick santorum. three states holding primaries today. hawaii, mississippi, alabama. these are the two we're focusing on in the deep south. rick santorum has won both states. he's at least projected to win both states. santorum, the mississippi news just coming in -- slight lead at this point we should call it. santorum has this over gingrich and romney. in alabama, santorum locks up that state as well. not quite as close there. another big night for santorum. the former pennsylvania senator has proven his credentials have real southern appeal. >> we did it again. [cheering and applause] >> this campaign is about
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ordinary folks doing extraordinary things. sort of like america. sort of like america going out there and exceeding expectations, going out there defying the odds because we believe in something bigger than ourselves. >> romney did not speak tonight. gingrich vowed moments ago to stay in the race. you saw he did have a strong showing. it's unclear how long gingrich's campaign can survive without wins in the deep south. he won south carolina and georgia. we might be looking at a two man race now. romney has a delegate lead over the field. a surprising santorum is surging. next primary, missouri saturday. a big day on wall street. stocks soared as investors reacted to positive economic news. tonight, dan has the numbers and shows us what's behind the
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surge. >> on wall street, a big rally today. take a look, dow up more than 200 points. this is the first time dow has closed at this since the end of 2007. nasdaq and s&p 500 also up. americans spent more on cars, clothes and appliances last month. on top of that, the federal reserve said 15 of 19 major financial institutions passed the annual stress test and later said it saw signs of an improving economy and expected the unemployment rate to keep falling. economists say it's too early to tell if the recovery will move full steam ahead. that's due to the price at the pump. >> like last year, rising fuel costs tracked economic growth. we were talking about the double dip recession by summer. we don't think that will happen this time around. we think the economy will hold up well.
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clearly, when gasoline prices are moving up, fuel prices rising, that acts a tax cut squeezing incomes. >> the bottom line is the recovery is to continue. stock prices are to stay up. consumers will have to spend. the fear is if gas prices remain high, they'll be pulling so much out of their wallet to pay for gas, they'll have so much less to spend on everything else. kron 4 news. >> speaking of gas prices, they shot up in the last month. right now the state's average, california's average price for a gallon is $4.36 a gallon. that's up 51 since february 14. in the bay area, the average price $4.41 a gallon, also up 51 sents. coming up, you heard of drivers going sideways. leave it to me to get you the actual video in the next leave it to me to get you the actual video in the next
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in case you missed it, the driver said he lost control while entering the boulevard.
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>> it was wet out there. >> you were sideways. >> reporter: not all drivers faired so well. this taxi cab came onto the onramp too fast and took out this light pole. for some reason, when it rains, people see that as a hint to speed up. this car was clocked at 80 miles per hour on the bridge. when the officer tried to pull her over, everything she learned about what to do when getting pulled over, was forgotten. >> reporter: it's hard to see but there's a black lincoln town car doing 70 weaving in and out of traffic in the driving rain. >> you need to slow down. >> reporter: then there was this driver in the jeep that entered too fast and ended up in the mud. since it's not a 4 wheel drive
8:23 pm
suv, a tow truck was needed to get it out costing the driver $210 for the help. here's a hint: when you see a sign on the free way that reads slippery roadway reduce speed, might i suggest you do just that. or better yet, when rain comes down, you slow down. on the peninsula, kron 4 news. coming up later in this broadcast, looks like the warriors traded their best player for nothing. speaking of nothing, that's how much moss has guaranteed from the 49ers. those stories are coming up later in this broadcast. bay area !
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in national news in missouri, more than a dozen students were hurt when their school bus flipped over today. it happened in washington county. some students had to be air lifted to a hospital in st. louis, 50 miles northeast of the accident scene.
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the cause of the accident is under v. the u.s. soldier suspected of killing 16 afghanistan civilians could face execution. the secretary of state of defense says capital punishment will not be left out. he's accused of leaving the base in afghanistan and gunning down 16 people including 9 children. the attack has sparked outrage across the middle east. we're not done with this yet. it's going to move in through the overnight hours into your morning commute. we'll time that on future cast coming up. [ male announcer ] technology accelerates at a relentless pace. anything not moving forward is moving backward. [ tires screech ] [ engine turns over, tires squeal ] introducing the 2013 gs. with the lexus enform app suite, the most connected information and communication technology
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back to our top story, traffic in san francisco. the roadways are slick. heavy wind and rain have been slamming the area all day today. the wet weather is making for a dangerous commute even at this hour. the slick streets have resulted in crashes along the bay area along with near misses. soming manied to escape injury, but in other incidents, accidents caused death. you can see in this video, minor flooding in some areas, no end in sight. closer to sea level, public works crews are operation for
8:31 pm
the worst. it's not bad news. the rain is especially needed after a mostly dry winter in the sierra. it's the heavy snow making roads nearly impassable in the sierra. driving conditions very dangerous. chains are required. now for a look at where this is headed and what's next for us all? >> the rain really hasn't let up. it's become lighter but hasn't stopped. let's look at the storm tracker ray car. we've seen moisture into the area. the blue on your screen there, more moisture from offshore. this is going to add to the rain overnight. we're going to see steady lighter rain, some pockets of moderate rainfall mixed in. let's look at current wind speeds. calmer out there have now. winds are expected to die down overnight. we have 17 miles per hour winds
8:32 pm
in oakland and 18 miles per hour in half moon bay. certainly an improvement at this hour. the rain is going to continue in the overnight hours. it will affect your morning commute: our future cast is coming up. showers ending tomorrow afternoon but picking back up into thursday with a potentially stronger system later in the week. we'll take a look at your forecast coming up in just a bit. the storm in the north bay where conditions were very wet. teresa shows us what drivers face navigating the slick and windy roadways. >> in the north bay, stormy weather made for treacherous driving. take a look here on 101 at lucky drive. motorists report to slow down. speaking of flooding, watch as drivers had to carefully navigate their vehicles through this exit to the richmond bridge due to several feet of water. on the streets, wasn't much
8:33 pm
better. windshield wipers were as fast as they could on most cars. as ux see, it was raining very hard. -- as you can see it was raining very hard. drivers told me it was definitely a day to pay attention out on the roads. how have people been behaving? >> too fast for weather conditions, not having headlights on, forgetting what it's like to be in the rain. >> trial and error. people get in their cars first thing in the morning, couple of accidents. they'll learn. >> reporter: in the north bay, kron 4 news. >> in san francisco the rain has been falling steadily since this morning. this is only one in a series of storms we're expecting. now the city's public works department is gearing up in case the wind and rain causes problems. marine continues our coverage. >> reporter: sandbags are packed and ready to go for city
8:34 pm
residents to pick up to protect their homes from rain. one plumber dealing with clients with backed up sewers overnight from overflowing rain. >> probably not enough but that's where what we're allowed to get. that's what we're going to use. >> we had maybe 20 residents so far to come by. we expect more to come by as the day and rain progresses throughout the week. >> reporter: crews were catching leaves and debris to make sure rain water flows through. more workers are on stand by as the rain continues to fall and wind picks up. >> i there's a 24 hour agency that works around the clock. people can call 311 if any branches or trees start falling down, any flooding in san francisco. >> kron 4 news. the fight against the school cuts hitting the streets
8:35 pm
tonight. two separate rallies, this is the scene from earlier this evening in san francisco. protestors upset about the hundreds of pink slips sent out to teachers. some schools will not have any layoffs. many people believe everyone will be affected. 14 san francisco schools will be immune from layoffs. they're in the superintendent zone. the schools typically do not score high on test scores. more than 500 pink slips have been sent out across the unified school district. the other big rally in union city, also protesting cuts and layoffs. more than last week, more than 100 were issued in the new haven school district.
8:36 pm
it em compasses 45 schools. if students will more likely see more children in their classes. music and art programs will likely disappear. families trusted him to take care of their children. a campbell man that worked as a nanny was charged today with 14 counts of lewd acts with children including child molestation and child pornography. he used his position to manipulate children. >> police tell me the children knew this man as mr. johnny. this is a photo of the 41-year- old man that worked as a full time nanny for 10 years in the campbell area. he was arrested last week as one of his alleged victims came forward. several families left their children in his care. his victims are between the ables of 9-15 years old. >> we've identified eight victims. based on his position and other
8:37 pm
information in the investigation, we believe there are other victims. he was actually hired by a family to watch the children in their home and other families brought their children to that home for him to watch. >> the campbell police department tells me they believe he acted allow. he's held at the santa claire jail, kron 4 news. we're always tracking neighborhood crime. here's the crime tracker in foster city. four home burglaries last friday in the city. all four homes were locked. the suspect used a tool, maybe a crowbar to pry top doors. three were here, and other was right about there. all four were during daylight hours. items stolen, electronics, jewelry valued at $100,000. best value to police, install dead bolt locks on exterior
8:38 pm
doors and lock all windows and doors. kron 4 news, tracking crime. i photo the popular picture editing and software for apple computers and now available for the ipad or iphone. it's pretty cool. it adds a lot of new features. that's coming up in my tech report.
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a fire rips through a home in new orleans. a first look at what may be a long lost painting by davinci. we have the video that will have you talking. take a look. >> it took crews nearly two hours to get the blaze under com. the three alarm fire blazing at a home in new orleans this morning, broke out around 4:00 a.m. the home was under renovation and nobody was inside, nobody was hurt. the fire consumed the attic causing the roof to collapse.
8:41 pm
the cause is still under investigation. residents say the fast moving wall of ice reached shore in just about 30 minutes leaving piles of ice 10-15 feet high, broke through several boat houses. one resident shot this video at his grandparents. he said the sound was amazing, sounded like a freight train moving through. okay look at researchers that discovered a mural that was thought to be lost 500 years. davinci painted it in the the government palace in 1503. it disappeared during a restoration project 50 years later. a team of art experts say it was hidden behind a wall in the building. they say samples of paint they covered by drilling through the wall matched paint davinci used to paint the mona lisa.
8:42 pm
still ahead, warriors trade their biggest stars. did the team get enough in return? we weigh in next in sports.
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continued rain by 7:00. i showers by noon. temperatures upper 50s and low 60s. a look at future cast for this evening as we step through into the midnight hours. continued showers throughout the bay area. we'll see areas of moderate rainfall streaming through until the 3:00 hour mostly up in the north bay. that's the story throughout the day. as we head to the 6:00 hour, continuing to see moderate rainfall to the north bay and coastline. through the 9:00 hours e showers and conditions remain. you'll see this for your morning commute tomorrow. lit taper off to the afternoon becoming isolated by the 4:00 hour. we'll see lingering light sprinkles. the snow is also going to continue. it will lighten ape bit. here's a look at future cast through tomorrow. yellow is gone, also indicating heavier snowfall with the lighter blue on your screen. into the 10:00 hour, wednesday still seeing snow. it's starting to lighten up a
8:48 pm
bit. snowfall 6500 feet tomorrow to 7500 feet because they see warmer air filtering in through northern california. a look at your extended forecast. rain continuing tomorrow afternoon, low thursday morning before another system rolls in thursday into friday. this one could potentially bring heavy rainfall to the bay area. into the weekend, really unstable conditions. showers persist. we'll probably see thunder showers and also colder temperatures in the low 50s. hey everybody. the warrior's best player gone. ellis, a consistent scorer throughout his career, 20-25 point per game man. all the talk with you, warriors can get something for him. they trade to milwaukee bucs tonight for andrew bogus who is a 7-foot center. once upon a time was a number
8:49 pm
one draft choice in the league. brown will go to milwaukee also. look at highlights again. 2005, 7 years ago, he's a top pick. he's had numerous injuries, currently out with a fractured ankle. what gripes warrior fans, they have apparently given up at this point in the season. he will not play the rest of the year. they also get stephen jackson. to show you a cold business, mark jackson found out tonight about this trade through the media. somebody came up to him and said did you know you just lost ellis. ellis is an outstanding player, but you're not going anywhere with him. it's not the gripe they traded ellis. most of us thought they could get more for him than a guy from australia that's injured with a bad foot. if this guy is good, we'll see
8:50 pm
what happens. warriors are wing tonight in sacramento -- winning tonight in sacramento. give them credit. what would really be funny, warriors make the playoffs then joe is the genius. now, sacramento is going nowhere lose to the warriors. once upon a time, campbell was the start quarterback. he breaks a color bone and pushed out for carson palmer. now he's picked up by the chicago bears, backup to jay cutler. josh morgan is now an ex 49ers. he gets a five year deal. forget the rhetoric. how much is he guaranteed? 7 1/2 million dollars. very good for morgan. he grew up in washington dc. he goes home is to speak to the
8:51 pm
washington redskins. vincent jack $55.5 million to play for the tampa bay team. randy moss contract, very interesting twist. a lot of talk today. we were in there saying, what if it's one of the stops he plays a couple of games and loathes through a few? 49ers can't lose. the word is out there's no guarantee money. he's known as a show me contract. randy moss, if he doesn't feel like playing, forget about it. get rid of him. >> can harbaugh still bring it? >> funny you should ask that. he is probably sitting there with an ice pack rights now, but he can still wing it. >> that was a reporter. this may be a little edgy. when you were starting as a
8:52 pm
reporter and out there, did you ever have jerks call you sweetheart or honey? >> yeah. >> you were probably offended? >> you know -- >> now that you're now established -- >> some people say stuff like that now. >> yeah but it's one thing if i see you ponte street and grab you, hey sweetheart. if you're in a professional setting -- >> i understand what your saying saying. >> i'm going to defend women's rights. if you don't want to come with me, want to stay with the company and soft peddle, we won't have a report per called -- >> it was after knowing. you know what that is -- it was annoying. you know what that is -- >> what? really? without me -- look at me and then i'll say good-bye. without me, you know what you'd
8:53 pm
do? where's the first ledge. when i go -- when i pass away, kron will -- you can't take it without me. >> you're right. >> give me a little bit of this. we'll cement that relationship. if anything happens to me, pam will say, i give. hoops in dayton. ready çófor south florida tomorrow. >> we're happy to have the opportunity. as i told our team yesterday in the practice, there's 280 division 1 basketball teams not playing in the tournament. we've got to relish the thing a little bit. i don't think anything we've not done has been from lack of effort. all we can do is go out and put our best foot forward. we have a playing game tonight, president barack obama and british president watching mississippi valley state. state led 16 points late.
8:54 pm
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